NEW - KADODĒ Pure Palmyra Flower Sugar - 80g


A unique dark brown alternative to sugar. A completely unrefined natural sugar made from the ‘juice’ of wild flowers from the palmyra tree. Naturally balanced with sucrose and fructose, potassium, minerals and aminos. Contains no glucose and has an extremely low glycaemic index below 30. Suitable for diabetics.


A beguiling array of aromas featuring including dried dates, Ovaltine and hints of ginger.

On the Palate

Smooth and subtle with malty tones and accents of molasses and dried fruit. Rich in flavour with a delicate sweetness. Very moorish.

Food Partners:

Perfect in any baking endeavour, particularly pastry and biscuits. Or just sprinkle on liberally! Amazing  in South East Asian dipping sauces and a great alternative to sugar in cocktails as it dissolves quickly. A versatile, tasty and healthy sugar.

All Kadode Palmyra Flower Sugar is 100% traceable to the farm and farmer who produced it by simply entering its alphanumeric code on the ‘Find Your Farmer’ page.

"The thing that's really blown me away with this meal?
That Kampot pepper and lime, Wow! That's great! Oh that's delicious!"  

Anthony Bourdain, No Reservations