NEW - KADODĒ Cambodian Long Red Pepper - 40g



A unique long red pepper – a fruit of the vine from the piper retrofactum family. Harvested when mature and bright red then dried under the warm Cambodian sun until the long pepper takes on a deep reddish brown colour. Exclusive to Kadode UK.


Kadode Long Red Pepper has a wonderfully rich and exotic aroma that strengthens moments after the grind. Earthy figs, cacao and hints of liquorice give way to a tantalising hint of spiciness.

On the Palate

Immediate, strong and spicy on the palate before more fruity and sweet notes round out the flavour. Amazing length.

Pepper Partners:

Fantastic with any slow-cooked dish – just break into a few pieces and infuse. Can also be crushed or finely grated into sweet or savoury dishes to add wonderful earthy spice tones. Perfect for chocolate.

All Kadode Cambodian Long Red Pepper is 100% traceable to the farm and farmer who produced it by simply entering its alphanumeric code on the ‘Find Your Farmer’ page.

"The thing that's really blown me away with this meal?
That Kampot pepper and lime, Wow! That's great! Oh that's delicious!"  

Anthony Bourdain, No Reservations