Our Pepper

Kampot Pepper mostly disappeared from the gastronomic map as a result of Cambodia's turbulent and insular recent past. Though still revered by connoisseurs and professional chefs this wonderful product  – once known as the King of Pepper – has instead become the forgotten pepper.

We think it’s time to rectify this, to restore the noble Kampot Pepper to its proper place. In the same way the terroir of Champagne bestows unique gifts on its wines, so the distinct mineral rich soil and climate of Kampot result in an equally superb and unforgettable taste experience. This extraordinary terroir – alongside traditional techniques of farming, harvesting, refining, sorting and grading – is what makes our Kadode Kampot Pepper a pepper of true distinction.

Michael's Story

Michael’s pepper awakening began not in Cambodia but at the Pepper Exchange in Kerala, India in 2004. But it wasn’t until 2008 on an extended journey around Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos that he first came to Kampot and was introduced to its very distinctive pepper. Fast forward 6 years after that trip and he is now introducing the highest grade of arguably the world’s finest pepper to the UK.

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FarmLink Story

In essence this is the story of a decimated agricultural landscape and hidden natural food phenomena. Pepper is at the heart of everything FarmLink Ltd. does. The mission from the outset in 2006 was to restore the production and reputation of one of the world’s finest peppers, that of Kampot Pepper.

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"This was the King of Pepper wasn't it? And is - I love it!"

Rick Stein - Far Eastern Odyssey