Purveyors of Perfect Pepper

We know how important it is to establish the origin of your food. You can be sure all Kadode Kampot Pepper is 100% Organic and cultivated using traditional methods without pesticides. Unlike many pepper producers, we never irradiate or sterilise our pepper. It’s naturally washed using a unique process before being meticulously sorted and graded by hand. Then we vacuum pack it at source, sealing in freshness and preserving its unique quality.  

Find Your Farmer

Our unique ‘Find Your Farmer’ feature makes it easy to trace the exact provenance of your pepper. Look inside every box of Kadode Kampot Pepper and you’ll find a code printed on the vacuum sealed bag. This identifies its batch number, date of production, and even the farm and farmer that produced it. How’s that for 100% traceability?

To Find Your Farmer - just enter your alphanumeric code below.

Find Your Farmer:

"Pepper is small in quantity but great in virtue"

Plato, 4th Century BC